How to Lose Weight with Japanese Matcha Tea

What is matcha tea? Matcha tea comes from Japan is considered unique, since you have healing properties for health. I present you how to lose weight with matcha tea. Matcha tea contains many nutrients and antioxidants, but its great versatility also classifies it, while you have different ways of use, this is a luxurious hot or cold drink, we can also use it in different types of dishes, smoothies, desserts, smoothies, creams or with yoghurt.

The healing properties of matcha tea are 100% by 100% Green tea (camelia senses) great ground; that is, this type of tea does not get to ferment during its manufacture.

The good thing about this type of tea is that it does not add any kind of dyes, much fewer preservatives, or other ingredients. At the time of consuming matcha tea, the whole tea leaves are destroyed, it is the opposite of what does not happen with the other teas usually.

This is included in the quality and quantity of its nutrients, such as fibre and its properties, as long as the tea is organic and of high quality. Remember that not all types of matcha tea are the same, in changes they do not have the same prices, smoothness, texture and flavours.

Matcha Green Tea Antioxidants and Slimming

Green tea is an excellent natural drink to lose weight fast, which is the trick of matcha green tea to keep its green colour so intense and characteristic. Its real trick is undoubtedly some, is that this consists of only 4 weeks before harvest, all cover the entire field.

In this way, this fabulous plant of green tea ( camelia senses ) is that this plant grows in total darkness, that is, compensating the deficit of light manufacturing chlorophyll and at the same time enriching its high content of amino acids. According to this process, you get that unique emerald colour.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits:

It should be noted the great importance of matcha tea, it is the most appreciated Japanese tea, and among many, it is worth mentioning 10 of its virtues.

I knew that matcha tea is 100% green, which this type of tea is ground into a fine powder. During its production, without fermentation, that is, no type of colourant, additive or preservative is added.

  • It has a unique group and a powerful antioxidant.
  • In just a small portion of matcha tea, it is the same nutritional value as 10 cups green tea.
  • If you consume only 2 small portions of matcha tea, it will help ensure your intake of sufficient antioxidants that the body needs daily.
  • This green potion helps calm the mind, helps increase concentration, improve memory and mood.
  • Perfect for people with diabetes, as it helps promote low blood sugar.
  • It helps with the metabolite of the body to burn fat up to 4 times faster than usual.
  • It is thanks to that the leaves grow in the shade, it is much greener, and therefore, they contain a lot morechlorophyll than ordinary green tea.
  • Combat and help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • It has an excellent detoxifying and depurative effect.

How to prepare matcha green tea

First, we must heat in a pot with water at a temperature of approximately 70 degrees C, that is, just before it boils.

  • ½ to 2 tablespoons matcha tea powder, (or use the linkage)
  • Pour 200 ml into a Mug and add the powder.
  • Then beat it with a teaspoon, a tea beater or a bottle too, you can use a plastic Cockerel until the mixture is
  • smooth and with a little foam.
  • Finally, you have Matcha Tea ready to drink.

Have you ever tried talking about matcha tea? Have you ever tried it? I will be happy to know in the comments.

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